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Who we are?

We are informal group of developers assembled to work together on projects in different areas. Our group unites only high skilled personalities whose professional skills and knowledge are proved with lots of successful projects completed in the past. Average age of group members is 35 years, and every team member has at least 10 years of working experience. An expertise  of the group includes following areas: standalone applications development using Java, C#, web development with J2EE, ASP.NET, PHP, mobile development for Android platform.

What is a "Projects"?

We are not interested much in projects that have only boring goal of earning money. We are more excited about the projects that allow us to enjoy the process of development. We are happy designing the system, creating architecture and then get this design implemented as qualitative, robust, useful and usable solution. Moreover, we are proud of working on the forefront of IT.

What is a "G"?

- The question is? What is a "G"?
- The question is… Who cares… But I think it’s something good!